Working Groups

Download the call for proposals for working groups here.

This working group, led by Sara Brownell (Arizona State University) and Gita Bangera (Bellevue College), is exploring the impact of faculty identity on the development, implementation, and acceptance of CUREs. Check back in May 2014 for an update.

Michael Wolyniak (Hampden Sydney College) and Courtney Murren (College of Charleston) assembled this working group of students and faculty to share data and make plans for how to develop or update CUREs based on the scientific findings coming out of research labs of the faculty involved in teaching the CUREs.

Erin Dolan (University of Georgia) and Sandra Laursen (University of Colorado at Boulder) assembled a small working group of individuals with expertise in CURE design and assessment to:

  1. Draft an operation definition of a CURE,
  2. Summarize current knowledge about assessment of CURE effectiveness and impacts on student learning, and
  3. Identify areas of greatest need with respect to evaluation of CUREs and assessment of CURE outcomes.

The outcomes of this meeting will be published in the Spring issue of CBE - Life Sciences Education.