About CUREnet

CUREnet is a network of people and programs that are creating course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) in biology as a means of helping students understand core concepts in biology, develop core scientific competencies, and become active, contributing members of the scientific community. Through a series of in-person meetings and other activities, CUREnet is assembling individuals with diverse expertise (instructors, researchers, information technology specialists, faculty development / curriculum specialists, education researchers) who represent diverse institutions and varied CURE projects in terms of data type (genomic, phenotypic, ecological). These individuals will address the following questions:

  • What CURE projects and resources are already available?
  • How and with whom are CUREs sharing data, analyses, and reports?
  • Who has access to and ownership of CURE-generated data, analyses, and reports?
  • What should the quality standards be for CURE-generated data, analyses, and reports?
  • How can simplified tools for accessing, analyzing, and contributing data, analyses, and reports be created and made available to undergraduates?
  • What are effective strategies for broadening the diversity of faculty and students involved in CUREs?

Mechanisms will be built into the network activities to seek input from undergraduates and scientific societies. Ultimately, CUREnet will spawn new collaborations aimed at improving CUREs and expanding their implementation, and will help publicize existing CURE resources so that faculty across the country can understand the potential of designing such approaches in their own courses and avoid some of the pitfalls of doing so.